The Divisions

70th Infantry Division

The Trailblazers. Know as “Oregon’s Own”. The second division to be in the south section. The fir tree on their shoulder patch is in recognition of the 91st Division, from which they drew their officers and NCO’s. Organization Day was September 11,1943, Activation was on June 15, 1943. July 1944 they movedto Fort Leonard Wood. By the first part of December they were aboard ships heading to France.



91st Infantry Division

The Powder River Division. Reactivated August 15, 1942 and trained at Camp White in Medford. After maneuvers in Bend, they were moved to Camp Adair on November 2, 1943, and were out of there by the end of March, 1944. This would make them the second division to be stationed in the north section. Departed for North Africa April, 1944.




96th Infantry Division

The “Deadeyes” Reactivated August 15, 1942 at Camp Adair. They were the first division in the north section of camp. This is the division that served in the South Pacific.





104th Infantry Division

The Timberwolves. Activated September 15, 1942 at Camp Adair. Started basic training on December 14, 1942. They were the first division in the south section. After 18 months training here and at Bend, they moved to Camp Carson, Colorado for final training. Departed for Europe in August, 1944.