The Construction

On December 7th, 1941, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, brought America into the Second World War. Needing more training bases for our rapidly expanding army, the area north of Corvallis, Oregon was selected as one that closely resembled areas of Europe where the troops would see future combat. Their recognition of the similarity in terrain and climate are being echoed today in this area’s growing wine industry.

“On February 24th, 1942, the bids were opened in Portland. Because of the size of the project (the plans alone weighed 130 pounds), and the quick deadline, several contractors were hired to work together. They had six months and 32 million dollars to complete the project. It was accomplished on time, and on budget. Being finished September 15th, 1942. In all there were 1,800 buildings, including 500 barracks, 11 chapels, 5 theaters, and 13 Post Exchanges, plus all the buildings to support them.”

From John Baker’s book “Camp Adair”