Telling Our Stories

We had a full house on May 17, 2014 at Adair Living History’s portion of Benton County’s Preservation Month activities. About fifty folks arrived at 1 o’clock. The theme of our efforts was Telling Our Stories. Jo Brew, Judy Juntunen and John Baker, who have all written about the Adair area, presented a panel discussion, followed by many excellent questions from the audience.

We were joined by Matt Helget and others of the World War II re-enactment community. They brought many wonderful displays of clothing, weapons and other articles that would have been used by the soldiers the conflict. We made sure to provide time specifically for the attendees to review the displays and talk with the young men who brought them.

The tour portion of the program was led by Gary Richards, whose son Steven arranged for two buses to transport over 30 individuals willing to hike through the blackberry vines, poison oak, uneven ground and other hazards in order to walk what John Baker refers to as sacred ground—part of the original installation of Camp Adair.

One special guest was Maria Desjardines, who was a small girl in Oudenbosch, The Netherlands, when members of the 104th Infantry Division, Timberwolves, liberated her town. Some of those men had trained at Camp Adair. We have invited Ms. Desjardines to speak at Adair History Day on September 6, 2014.