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Camp Adair Commemorative USO Swing Dance

On April 5, 1944, 230 allied forces bombers attacked Poleşti, Romania, beginning the “1944 Polesti Campaign” against oil fields supplying Axis forces with badly needed fuel. The campaign was one of the costliest in the war, but the targeted oil fields were all but destroyed.

Seventy years later, Oregon State University students and community members from Corvallis and the surrounding areas hosted a swing dance to commemorate the war, and the role played by Camp Adair, located seven miles north of Corvallis. Adair Living History and the OSU History Students Association co-hosted the event in the Women’s Building on the OSU campus. The Albany Swing Band provided live music and the Corvallis Swing Society helped the dance-challenged among us with a half-hour lesson. WWII re-enactors from far and wide arrived in uniform and displays of vintage items from the era. Many of the women in attendance dressed in period costume and the USO NW Portland was on hand as well. About 100 people joined us in celebration of the 1940s through song, dance and good conversation.  Funding for the event was provided in part by a grant from Benton County Cultural Coalition. BCCC Logo
Click on the link below to see more photos of the event taken by

Mina Carson, Associate Professor of History at OSU