Adair History Day 2012

Our first Adair History Day was a great success, with an estimated 40-45 people attending. John Baker gave a very entertaining talk about Camp Adair and the people he has met because of his book. Ideas were generated and shared in the panel discussion sessions afterwards.  Click here to see our Sept. 7th Gazette Times feature on Adair History Day!

Discussion Panel members: from the left: ALH President and Event Facilitator Barbara Melton,  Mike Jager, John Baker, Judy Juntenen and Mike DiCianna.

Mike Jagar presented his UTUBE interviews of the Timberwolves Division and spoke of the meaningful relationships that have grown out of his research.

John Baker gave a talk about history and how it keeps unfolding. His book has grown through the years because people keep contacting him wanting to share their own stories.

Mike DiCianna gave us insights and advice about how to track down information stored in archives and museums.

Judy Juntenen spoke about The Benton County Historical Museum and informed us about the best ways to contact them if we need to research historical documents.

Photo by Gary Richards


With delightful enthusiasm John casts the lure of his images, attracting our interest in the discovery of history.

Faye Abraham and John Baker

John signs his CDROM for Faye Abraham.

Other Adair History Day dignitaries attend the event:

The last three original residents of the City of Adair Village. From the left is Charline King, one of the city founders and the first Mayor. Betty Brown and Eugene Abraham.

The WWll army cantonment became incorporated as the City of Adair Village in May of 1976.






John Adair gave us a surprise visit on Adair History day. He is the son of the first soldier, Henry R. Adair to lose his life in the Spanish war. and for whom Camp Adair was named.