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In 2010, the city of Adair Village took possession of two of the few remaining structures from the World War II-era Camp Adair cantonment. The city arranged to move the buildings; placed them on foundations; installed infrastructure; and put on new siding, new windows and new roofs. These buildings, which you can see near Highway 99W, now need to have the balance of their restoration done.

Enter Adair Living History, Inc.  We are raising  the funding required to finish the interiors of the buildings and make them ready for use.

The Adair Village City Council has agreed to the establishment of an interpretive center in one of the buildings. Once construction is complete ALH will manage the center and work to provide a variety of educational opportunities for those who interest themselves in both local and military history.


Please consider donating to Adair Living History and help us keep the memories of those who served alive.

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If you know about the history of this area or if you know World War II Veterans that might be interested, we want to hear from you. See on our Contact Page.